Fretwork Place Cards in grey (with Texas Sheet Cake and Milk!)

Fretwork Place Cards in grey (with Texas Sheet Cake and Milk!)


A little background...

Hello there...

I’m Nancy, the owner ofAdelia Press.
AP is the greeting card, decorative prints and place card division of
Nancy Nikko Design, my online business specializing in personalized
stationery, bookplates and wedding labels (I like to joke that I’ve
been ‘in’ over 3,000 weddings...or at least my designs have).

Paper designs have always been close to my heart. I began selling
handmade cards years ago, before desktop computers or printers were
around. Cut and paste back then didn‘t have anything to do with computer
text, but it had a lot to do with my original designs.

Later I ended up finding myself on the other side of the equation as a
stationery and gift wrap buyer for an independent gift store in Southern
California. I loved it, and the stationery and card section of any shop still
draws my undivided attention.

Today my hours are spent between paper designs and baking.  Yes, baking.
Aside from my Corgi and Dachshund, flour, butter, sugar and eggs are my
constant companions.