Mid-Century Style, Modern Party Decor

Hollywood Regency Place Cards, and Boho Place Cards...

Hollywood Regency Place Cards, and Boho Place Cards...

Period to Modern Party Styles

Three looks that have staying power are Mid-Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, and Boho (Bohemian).

There's something about the designs from these eras that never look tired, and these place cards can go from period to contemporary in a blink of a stylish eye depending upon the other elements of your party - the centerpiece, dishes, glassware etc.

Paired with the glasses in the photo above, you get a 1950s -60s vibe, but if they were instead seated next to an all-white dish ensemble, they would look perfectly contemporary...well, okay, maybe the batik place cards more so than the patio umbrella, but still;)

By the way, the pool patio umbrella place cards will soon be available in pink, green, and blue too, so jump in and take a look around!

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